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About Us

  • Big Box Real Estate Kft. – founded in 2009 is doing classic real estate consultancy – within this mainly sales, leasing, expansion services and project pre-development. Entrusted by our clients – we are able to help them finding the most appropriate locations – plots or shop units – all over the country. At later stages we are able to offer our services in project pre-development as well.
  • Teaming up with big real estate developers, we assist in obtaining building and occupancy permits, cooperate with neighboring condominiums, real estate owners, managing conflicts, or even acquiring the plots and real estate necessary for the development.
  • Our activities also include selling or leasing industrial, commercial properties or offices. In 2017 we started our residential department: we sell or lease flats or houses above 50 million HUF (160.000 EUR) in the most popular districts of Budapest and the agglomeration.
  • Our services are aiming to be of Western European standards: we provide reliable information, behaving like real advisors, fully representing our clients in all circumstances.

Project development

  • Teaming up with big real estate developers, we assist in obtaining building and occupancy permits.
  • As partners of the largest domestic and foreign real estate developers, we organize cooperation with the owners of neighboring real estate and manage any conflicts that may arise or have already developed.
  • We undertake the acquisition of plots or any real estate necessary for the developments, or prepare and execute country-wide acquisitions.

Our Team

Balázs Málik
Executive Director
+36 30 348 1100

Balázs is the GM and 100% owner of the company, Msc in Real Estate, graduated at The Nottingham Trent University, speaks fluent English. Contact him with high value properties, client representing, or any commissions on the Real Estate market.

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Rita Lovasi
+36 20 9 73 11 73

Contact Rita in connection with project pre-development and conflict management issues.

Annamária Vona-Szőllősi
+36 30 200 2444

Contact Annamari if you want to sell / lease your office space or residential property or shop unit in or around Budapest. She is fluent in Spanish and English.

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Our Offers


What makes the difference?

Having more than 15 years of experience on the property market we decided to implement a concept that is brand new or at least quite unusual in Hungary:
  • We provide our clients with relevant information.
  • We behave like real advisors and not low profile agents.
  • We charge realistic price for our services.
  • We execute discrete sales if needed: direct contacts, no publicity, no advertising.
  • We fully represent our clients in all circumstances.

How do we work?

  • We only undertake mandates that we strongly believe that we can fulfill.
  • We do not take mandates on properties under the value of 50 million HUF. (160.000 EUR).
  • In case of project development, conflict management tasks we always give a customised, unique offer.
  • Generally we charge 3,5% + VAT on the net selling price, and – depending on the length of the lease contract – 12,5-17% + VAT of the net yearly rent.
  • We always act on behalf of the seller, helping him / her through the selling / leasing process, contracting, handover documents, etc.
  • If needed we take the keys of the property, we show it without the owner’s presence, and we only contact him / her when we get a valid offer.
  • 90% of our mandates are exclusive ones so we are as effective and motivated as possible.
  • 80% of our mandates are given by clients we have already been working with, or coming from recommendations of satisfied former clients.


Since 2004 we have been providing site acquisition services to Ericsson Hungary. We are specialists of problematic, hard-to-acquire locations.

Since 2009 we have been providing site acquisition services (acquisition and contract prolongation) to Magyar Telekom (T-Mobile). We are specialists of problematic, hard-to-acquire locations.

Valenco is our Spanish partner in expansion services and real estate development projects.

Since 2008 we co-operate in project pre-development and sales activities of the Futureal Group.

Since 2008 we co-operate in project pre-development and leasing shop units at Corvin Promenade Budapest.

Since 2006 we have been co-operateing in land sales projects.

We co-operated with FoxPost through Client representing in their countrywide expansion.

We have been working together in expansion and project pre-development in Hungary and Spain since 2006.